Dumpster this weekend 5/27 – 5/31

Dumpster Available for Residential Use:  Friday, May 26th thru Tuesday, May 31st, a dumpster will be placed in the Magic Leaf Road cul-de-sac for residential use. Please take this opportunity to dispose of yard waste and brush, as well as any junk or debris behind your fence or in the woods behind your home. Please do NOT place furniture, appliances, electronics, paint, or chemical products in the dumpster.

There will be no organized community cleanup this weekend but feel free to pick up any trash you see and dispose of it properly.


Snow Plowing update

Snow Plowing Has Begun:  Our contractor, J & J Landscape, has a plow working in our neighborhood this morning.  Given the amount of snow we received, it has been slow going for the plow.  Please be patient, the plow will get to your street.  Heavier equipment may be needed to complete the job, which also will take time for J & J to mobilize.  In the meantime, please clear the public sidewalk in front of your home, and please assist neighbors who are unable to do so.
Please also clear any fire hydrants near your house. A house nearby, on Roundabout Way, caught fire today and  fire fighting efforts were delayed because they had to dig out the hyrdrants for 20 minutes.

Officials are telling people to stay off the roads still.