High Winds Expected Tomorrow 3/2/18 – Trash Tips

Recycling and trash collection can be very challenging on windy days. We know we can’t control Mother Nature, but here are some tips that may help prevent your trash and recycling from blowing away.


  1. Place lighter materials on the bottom of your container and heavier items on top to prevent the lighter items from blowing out of the container.
  1. If your container is only half-full, consider waiting until your next collection to place it at the curb. The wind can blow your container away or even cause property damage.
  1. Bag all your trash/recycling before placing it in the bin. This is especially important for small, lightweight items like packing peanuts.
  1. Compact the trash- if you have loose items, place bagged trash on top of them to prevent them from blowing out of the cart.
  1. Secure the lid on your container. The wind can easily blow your container and container lid away.

If you see your trash or your neighbor’s trash has blown into your yard or common areas please try and pick up what you can.

Newsletter typo

There was a misprint in the recently distributed “The Trail” newsletter. Recycling day is still on Wednesdays. Bulk pickup and regular trash or on Fridays. Please continue to put your recycling out on Wednesday.

Final curbside leaf pickup

Please rake loose leaves to the curb. The grounds maintenance contractor will be conducting the final curb side leaf removal from the community the week of December 18th, weather permitting.

Bagged leaves will not be collect by the contractor. Bagged leaves are collected on recycling day, Wednesday, via the trash service.

Trash Service Inconsistencies

The board would like to pass a long some information to residents about the recent inconsistencies with the trash service The previous company that serviced our neighborhood, CSI, was bought buy ESI.  As part of that acquisition process, some of the previous drivers/garbage men left the company.  They have been short staffed and also training new drivers.  It takes time for drivers to learn their new routes and run them efficiently.

The board has been working closely with ESI to make sure the trash is picked up each day as scheduled even though it may be later in the day then prior to the acquisition at times.  The board will continue to monitor the situation and take appropriate action as needed. Please be patient during this transition process.