Trash Schedule Adjustments

Happy Holidays!

There will be no trash pick up on Friday in observance of Christmas and New Years. The trash will be picked up the next regularly schedule trash day, Tuesday.

Christmas trees will be collected during the first 2 weeks of January on the usual yard waste collection day. Those days are Wed. Jan 6th and Jan 13th.

Please remember all trash should be placed inside of trash cans. The trash blows around the neighborhood and creates messes when not in bins.

Curbside Leaf Collection

The curbside loose leaf collection is scheduled for the week of November 23rd, weather permitting. Please rake any leaves from your yard to the curb for the leaf vacuum. Please pay attention to the weather and only rake leaves to the curb the weekend before the collection. No bagged leaves. Bagged leaves are taken by the trash service and must be in paper bags.

A second collection will be the week of 12/21.

Covid-19 Update 2 Yard Waste Suspended

Patriot Disposal is considered an essential service, and while delays may be possible, service will continue as scheduled with the following exceptions:

  • No bulk or special pick-up items may be placed out for pick-up.
  • Friday, April 3, 2020 is the last day to put out any yard waste with regular trash. After this date, DO NOT put yard waste outside until further notice.
  • Questions?  Contact Patriot Disposal us at (703) 257-7100 or contact them via email at

Residents can help provide Patriot Disposal workers safer working conditions by following these best practices.

1.    REDUCE THE WASTE YOU GENERATE During this unprecedented time, residents should be mindful of the quantity of waste they generate, so as not to overwhelm the collection system. For example, this is not the best time to clean out the garage/do spring cleaning.

2.    REDUCE YOUR YARD WASTEStart grass cycling, backyard composting, and limit generation of yard waste if possible.

3.    BAG ALL TRASH and REFUSE Bagged trash limits exposure to potentially harmful materials, such as used tissue that could spread viruses and bacteria.

4.    KEEP ALL RECYCLING CLEAN AND LOOSE When recycling is loose in the bin, not in bags, it is easier to process. Removing food and liquid residue from recyclables minimizes the spread of viruses and bacteria. Only place plastic bottles and jugs, paper, cardboard, cartons and metal cans in the bin.

5.    EMPTY ALL LIQUIDS – Liquids in bottles, cans, and other containers can carry viruses and bacteria and can splash onto collectors when trash and recyclables are emptied.

6.    WIPE/DISINFECT CART HANDLES AND LIDS – The two main touch points on a cart for collectors are the lid and the handles. By wiping those areas down with disinfectant or soapy water, you minimize the danger of shared contact areas.

Woodstream HOA Updates

  • Continue to practice social distancing at all times.  Residents and/or guests should not be congregating at the basketball court, Tot Lot, or any where else throughout the community.  Stay safe!
  • If you have recently moved-in or have any changes to your current email, please email us today at so we can update our records and send important updates to you.   

COVID-19 Update

It’s important we work together to ensure our Woodstream community is taking all the necessary precautions per the Fairfax County Health Department and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in order to keep ALL our residents safe.  

Effective immediately:

  • Please remember to practice social distancing!  It is highly recommended that parents do not allow their children and teenagers to go to the Tot Lot and basketball court until further notice. While fresh air is encouraged, having people congregate in these two locations is putting our entire community at risk, as these areas are not cleaned regularly. 
  • Patriot Disposal, our trash-collecting company, has informed us that as of Friday, March 20, 2020, there will be no bulk items pick-up (small furniture, grills, mattresses) or scheduled special items pick-up (toilets, construction debris) until further notice. IF YOU PLACED BULK ITEMS OUT FOR PICK-UP, PLEASE REMOVE THEM TODAY.

Please know that during this unprecedented time we want to do all we can to help stop the spread of COVID-19.  If possible, please remember to check on elderly neighbors or those who may have compromised immune systems. If you any questions or concerns email the Board at  Stay safe!