Curbside loose leaf pickup

The curbside loose leaf pickup will be the week of November 18th, weather permitting. Please rake the leaves to the curb. No bagged leaves. Bagged leaves are taken by the trash service.
There will be a second pick up in December

Annual Meeting

The WHOA Annual Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 30th, from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm in the cafeteria of the Hunt Valley Elementary School located at 7107 Sydenstricker Rd, Springfield, VA 22152. The meeting is being held at Hunt Valley Elementary this year since Newington Forrest Elementary School has not been made available for public use.
For homeowners unable to attend the meeting, a general proxy form will be included in the mailing that was sent to formally announce the Annual Meeting date. You can also download the proxy here. If you cannot attend, please make sure that you fill out the proxy form and give it to a member of the Board of Directors or one of your neighbors who will be attending.

All residents as well as absentee homeowners are encouraged to attend the annual meeting and to take an active part in the discussions and decisions that affect our community.

Dumpster available this weekend

A dumpster will be available this weekend June 15th-17th. The purpose of this dumpster is to provide an easy way for the board and volunteers that come out to the community clean up day to throw away the litter collected throughout the neighborhood, pruned branches, and other cleanup related items. It is encouraged that residents also use it to dispose of items that are left in their backyards/behind fences/tossed into the woods. Please do not use this dumpster to clean out your houses. Please do NOT place furniture, appliances, electronics, paint, tires, or chemical products in the dumpster. The trash service takes many items and you should utilize the regular Friday bulk pickup days to dispose of household items. If you see that the dumpster is overflowing, please do not continue to throw additional items in to the dumpster or place items outside the dumpster.