Curbside Leaf pickup week of 11/21

Please rake loose leaves to the curb. The grounds maintenance contractor will be conducting curb side leaf removal from the community the week of November 21st, weather permitting.

Bagged leaves will not be collect by the contractor. Bagged leaves are collected on recycling day, Wednesday, via the trash service.

There will be a second collection later in the season, approximately the week of Dec 19th

WHOA Annual Meeting – New location this year

The WHOA Annual Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 1st, from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm in the cafeteria of the Orange Hunt Elementary School located at 6820 Sydenstricker Road Springfield, VA.  The meeting is being held at Orange Hunt this year because of the construction at Newington Forrest Elementary School.

For homeowners unable to attend the meeting, a general proxy form will be included in the mailing that was sent to formally announce the Annual Meeting date. If you cannot attend, please make sure that you fill out the proxy form and give it to a member of the Board of Directors or one of your neighbors who will be attending.

All residents as well as absentee homeowners are encouraged to attend the annual meeting and to take an active part in the discussions and decisions that affect our community.

Many board members will be stepping down this year and your community is in need of additional volunteers to help assist in the operations of the Woodstream Neighborhood. Please consider joining the board.

Community Yard Sale, June 4th

The annual Woodstream community yard sale is held the first Saturday of June. This year the sale will be held on June 4th, from 8:00 a.m. to 12 noon. Woodstream residents are welcome to set up along Magic Leaf Road, or to hold sales at their homes on that day.  The Woodstream HOA Board of Directors will place ads for the community yard sale in local newspapers and on Craig’s List.

Dumpster full!

The dumpster is obviously full. Please stop trying to throw items in or around.

More than likely the HOA will now have to pay extra for the removal of the dumpster.  A lot of the items in the dumpster could have been put out with the regular bulk pickup every Friday.

Dumpster this weekend 5/27 – 5/31

Dumpster Available for Residential Use:  Friday, May 26th thru Tuesday, May 31st, a dumpster will be placed in the Magic Leaf Road cul-de-sac for residential use. Please take this opportunity to dispose of yard waste and brush, as well as any junk or debris behind your fence or in the woods behind your home. Please do NOT place furniture, appliances, electronics, paint, or chemical products in the dumpster.

There will be no organized community cleanup this weekend but feel free to pick up any trash you see and dispose of it properly.