Spring Home Inspections Completed; Letters Sent to Homeowners

The Woodstream HOA Board of Directors conducted our community’s annual architectural and property inspection in mid-April, and some homeowners will receive letters outlining what maintenance is required to bring the exterior of their home or landscaping into compliance with the HOA’s architectural guidelines. If you do not receive a letter from the Board of Directors, your home is considered to be in compliance.

The Board of Directors plans a follow-up architectural inspection this Fall, and the Board hopes to see the noted structural deficiencies resolved by that time. If you need additional time to resolve the noted items, please contact the Board of Directors or the ACC – the Board stands ready to work with all Woodstream homeowners in order to preserve and enhance the appearance of our community.

Woodstream homeowners are reminded that all exterior changes and improvements to their home, as well as major changes to landscaping, require ACC approval. Unresolved or repeated violations of the ACC guidelines or other Woodstream regulations may result in penalty assessments, liens, or other legal action against your property.

If you have questions regarding the inspection results, please contact the ACC at acc@woodstream.org.