Curb Side leaf pickup 11/12

Please rake loose leaves to the curb. The grounds maintenance contractor will be conducting curb side leaf removal from the community November12th, weather permitting. Bagged leaves will not be collect by the contractor. Bagged leaves are collected on recycling day via the trash service.

There will be a second collection later in the season.

Dumpster 6th through 9th

As part of the contract with our waste removal service we have access to a dumpster twice a year. A dumpster will be available over the weekend,  Friday Nov.6th until November 9th.  The dumpster will be located near the basketball court.

Woodstream residents may dispose of tree limbs, brush, grass trimmings, and other biodegradable yard waste in this dumpster. The dumpster is a convenient way for residents to dispose of items that they are unable to take to the dump. The dumpster is not intended for people to clean out their homes. Please focus on yards and areas behind the fences.

Dumping of material is limited to Woodstream residents only.

Please take this opportunity to tackle those landscaping and yard projects before winter is upon us. If you know a neighbor that may have some items that they cannot handle please offer to help them.