Annual Woodstream Homeowners’s Association Meeting Oct. 30th

The WHOA Annual Meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 30th, from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm in the cafeteria of the Orange Hunt Elementary School located at 6820 Sydenstricker Road Springfield, VA. The meeting is being held at Orange Hunt this year because of the construction at Newington Forrest Elementary School.

For homeowners unable to attend the meeting, a general proxy form will be included in the mailing that was sent to formally announce the Annual Meeting date. If you cannot attend, please make sure that you fill out the proxy form and give it to a member of the Board of Directors or one of your neighbors who will be attending.

All residents as well as absentee homeowners are encouraged to attend the annual meeting and to take an active part in the discussions and decisions that affect our community.

Delayed Trash Pickup

The Board contacted the trash contractor about the lack of service today. They indicated that there was a mechanical issue with the truck. If they do not finish collection today they will first thing in the morning to recover anything that was not collected.